Dr. Charles Jarvis

Dr. Charles Jarvis passed away on Dec. 22nd, 2012. His blessings survive him in the memories of all who heard him speak and the laughter of all who hear him today. He moved the greatest generation to tears of laughter with his wit and wisdom. Charlie did have a "God-given" talent but he also knew that studying humor sharpened his considerable skills. He loved to talk about the mechanics of humor and the skills required to use it effectively. ON HUMOR is dedicated to Dr. Jarvis and his study of humor.

For those who seek to make people laugh,
ON HUMOR is a good place to start.
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"ON HUMOR" is a resource for speakers, Toastmasters and humorists and is highly recommended for people interested in adding humor to their presentation and speaking skills. For an extensive list of materials to learn more about using humor in public speaking, visit ON HUMOR's resource area.

In Memoriam: Dr. Charles Jarvis 1923-2012

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