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Dr. Charles W. Jarvis 1923-2012

Dr. Charles W. Jarvis, beloved and cherished husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and all around outstanding man passed away on Saturday, December 22, 2012 at the age of 89. He was born February 17, 1923 in Waxahachie,Texas to John Pelham Jarvis and Ruth Douglas Jarvis.

At the age of 4, he moved to Brady,Texas with his parents and brother, John Pelham Jarvis Jr., where he spent the years of his youth. At age 9, his father died which was a profound loss that he carried with him all of his life. He graduated from Brady High School in 1940 where he was a good student and won numerous awards but was most proud of being the co-captain of the Brady Bulldog football team.

After high school, Dr. Jarvis went to Texas A&M for one year and then received an appointment to the US Naval Academy. He was in the class of 1945 but due to the war, his class graduated a year early to serve on active duty. He was sent to fight in the Pacific on the aircraft carrier, USS Langley. After the war was over, he attended flight training in Corpus Christi, Texas and Pensacola, Florida. In 1946 he married Maxine Spiller, also from Brady, Texas and they moved to San Diego, California where he flew anti-submarine surveillance missions.

During that time, he and Maxine had a daughter, Pamela, who was their only child. Soon after her birth, the decision was made to leave the military to attend dental school at The University of Texas in Houston, where he graduated 2nd in his class. Upon graduation, he and his family moved to San Marcos,Texas to practice dentistry, where they enjoyed a wonderful life with many close friends for the next 57 years. They joined the First Christian Church, where Dr. Jarvis became an elder and served as the president of the church board. He was also a soloist in the choir and taught the high school Sunday school class. He was also active with the Kiwanis Club, serving as president, and was on the board of State Bank and Trust.

Dr. Jarvis practiced dentistry for 12 years. During those years, he became very interested in public speaking and eventually gave up dentistry to become a full time humorous speaker. During his speaking career he made 2,904 talks to various groups. He started with the Knife and Fork clubs and then branched out to many companies such as IBM, Boeing, Tupperware, and various civic groups. Other than Alaska and Delaware, he spoke in every state of the union at least once, flying his own plane to many of these engagements. He loved people, loved making them laugh, and always left them with a positive message.

In the early 90ís, he gave up speaking on the tour and joined the dental school faculty of UTSA where he taught for 2 years. After that, he retired to be at home with Maxine and occasionally spoke for different churches and dental groups in Central Texas. In his last years, he and Maxine moved to Austin to be near family. Maxine died on April 30, 2010 and he continued to reside in Austin until his death.

Dr. Charles Jarvis

Dr. Charles W. Jarvis, DDS
acknowledged by his fellow speaking professionals as
"America's Number One Humorous Speaker"


You can best judge the effect Dr. Jarvis has had on his many audiences by reading some of their comments. Here is a selection of comments from his friends at the top of their field as speakers and from executives and conference chairs who responded with praise to his many talks.........
Dr. Kenneth McFarland , Guest Lecturer, General Motors
"It was a real privilege for me to hear you and visit with you at Houston. Your ability to hold a tired audience at such a late hour was a truly remarkable performance. I was also much inpressed with the attitude of the audience toward you personally. What you are doing constitutes an important contribution, and I deeply hope the Lord will decree that your voice will long be heard in the land. Do take care of yourself for your family's sake, because all your friends and fans love you, and because in these somber times, America needs you. Remember, the Psalmist said, "How beautiful upon the mountain are the footsteps of him who bringeth glad tidings".
Cavett Robert, Professional Speaker
"Charlie Jarvis is the number one humorist in the nation. His material is as good as any night club act available today - and all the better for it's clean material. Besides that, as a studious professional - a student of the speaking art - his type of seminar presentation on speaking and the use of humor to highlight and illustrate the message is the very thing that should be offered in workshops throughout the country. Every young speaker in America who wants a career in speaking should eat, digest, and assimilate the workshop type of presentation he offers. No convention of speakers would be complete withouth an inclusion of the type of material Charlie Jarvis offers."
From "The Gong," official house organ of the Associated Clubs (Knife & Fork Clubs of America, Inc., The Executive Dinner Clubs of America, Inc., and The Metropolitan Dinner Clubs of America, Inc.)
"Dr. Jarvis is generally considered to be the most gifted humorist in America. A natural story teller. Sure fire!"
Associate Director, National Sash & Door Jobbers Assoc.
"The thunderous applause and standing ovation you received at the conclusion of your keynote presentation to our members should certainly tell you how well you were received. Our association has had many speakers over the years, however, few have been able to captivate and hold the attention of such a widely diversified group as you did. We laughed untill we cried and the message you delivered was clear."
Director of Sales Services, Tupperware, First Series of "Jubilees"
"Mere words fail to describe how great your presentations were. The feedback coming from the nearly 10,000 Tupperware distributors, Managers, and husbands has been without exception 'fantastic!, 'the greatest speaker ever', 'superb'.
Executive Director, Insurors of Tennessee:
"According to my records, it took 3 invitations to get you to speak before our convention, but after your presentation during our 89th Annual Convention last week, I must admit you are worth waiting for. I think the responses from the audiences clearly indicated their complete enjoyment with your constant, rapid fire and clean humor. It was a real pleasure having you and Maxine with us."

Biographical Information

Native Texan, married to Maxine.

Attended Texas A&M one year prior to entering the Naval Academy, University of Houston one year prior to dental school, entered U.S. Naval Academy and graduated in 1944 with a B.S. in engineering. Graduated University of Texas in 1953 as D.D.S.
Awards - Dentistry
O.K.U.-National Dental Honor Soc.;Fellow, American College of Dentistry; Fellow, International college of Dentistry; Honorary Membership, Psi Omega Dental Fraternity; President's Award (for service to the profession), Texas Dental Association; Outstanding Alumnus Award, University of Texas Dental Branch Alumni Assoc.
Awards - Speaking
International Speakers Hall of Fame; Mark Twain Award for Humor, International Platform Association; Toastmasters International Golden Gavel Award.
Church Affiliation
Elder; Disciples of Christ.
Service Club Affiliation
Past President; Kiwanis Club in San Marcos
Veteran World War II, South Pacific Campaign; Deck Officer, U.S.S. Langley; Later: Carrier Pilot, flying torpedo bombers.
Dentistry; fulltime for twelve years; Professional Humorous Speaker: Since 1965, fulltime on the national circuit for corporations, associations, service clubs, chambers of commerce, etc. Dr. Jarvis is retired and spends his time writing and working on humor related projects.

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