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The books and recordings of success speaker, humorist DOC BLAKELY really do Keep 'em Laughing and so will you when you learn the formulas contained in these fun-filled products...collector's items in the written and spoken word. Reach goals, inspire confidence, achieve excellence, be happier, healthier, wiser and have a great time doing it. A recording talent for Nightingale-Conant, regularly quoted by PAUL HARVEY, a frequent guest on the national television show NASHVILLE NOW, Doc Blakely shares his philosophy with YOU. Order your favorite books and tapes NOW - TOLL FREE!

Audio Tape Titles
DUELING HUMORISTS:Doc Blakely and long time friend, Senator Bob Murphey square off in a Texas style duel of wits. This hilarious display of one-upmanship, recorded live 1 block from the Alamo, received not one but three standing ovations from the appreciative audience at a cowboy theme convention. $9.95
LIVIN' ON LOVE AND LAUGHTER:Inspired by a country western song. The talk is basically in two parts. The ingredients of love are exposed from a surprising source. Laughter is added as a finale to round out a philosophy that allows us to spend more time "grazin' on greener pastures, livin' on love and laughter." $9.95
Book Titles
DOC BLAKELY'S HANDBOOK OF WIT AND PUNGENT HUMOR: A Texas Doctor's Gold Mine of 1,250 hilarious jokes, tall tales, and precious nuggets of humor. This ready-to-use material is as big as Texas because it can be easily modified and/or personalized to fit countless situations, establish instant warmth, rapport, and acceptance. Hardback #562B $19.95
DOC BLAKELY'S PUSH BUTTON WIT:A great companion to the book described above, Push Button Wit contains even more material -- 1,450 choice one-liners, jokes and quips. Jokes are categorized into over 90 subjects, alphabetized by subject and indexed for rapid retrieval. In addition, you'll find over 100 tips on how to use humor. It's actually two books in one. The perfect reference for the executive, professional or lay speaker who needs great lines to inform, entertain and reinforce thoughts with laughter. Hardback #563B $19.95
HOW THE PLATFORM PR0FESSIONALS KEEP 'EM LAUGHING:Now... corporate executives... managers... public relations personnel... toastmasters... service club leaders... business people... or anyone who might have occasion to speak before a group of any size can utilize the techniques that made four of America's top professional humofists so popular on the speaking circuit that they were literally forced into new careers. Doc Blakely, Joe Griffith, Robert Henry and Jeanne Roberson understand the difference between stand-up comedy and a powerful speech laced with appropriate humor. This is more than a joke book. It is a powerful link between a meaningful message and an entertaining address. It provides everything you need to know to skillfully weave humor through the fabric of your speech... in simple language and straight forward directions. Over 2,000 jokes and one-liners, 294 pages including 72 pages on philosopy of humor in speech foundation. Hardback. #564B $19.95
SHOOT LUKE, THE AIR IS FULL OF PIGEONS:Forward by Paul Harvey. Drawing on 15 years of the weekly column, POKIN' FUN, an editor for RICH PUBLISHING compiled the best and the funniest of Doc Blakely's material into 12 chapters. The subject matter covers Big Shots (Famous People), Hot Shots (Characters), Long Shots (Politicians), Little Shots (Children, Schools, Teachers, School Boards), Home Shots (Family), Pot Shots (Doctors, Health, Diet), Half Shots (Alcohol), Gun Shots (Hunters and Hunting), Wild Shots (Animals), Quick Shots (Sports), Crack Shots (Aviation), Lucky Shots (Philosophers), and, an unexpected extra round in The Last Shot (Epilogue). Find out why his material is quoted on the Paul Harvey radio broadcast more than any humorist in the country. Maybe not the city, but certainly the country! Hardback, 239 pages, pure fun. $19.95

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