Seminar: How to Use Humor in Presentations

Tom Antion is a master humorist who has entertained and educated thousands with his comic antics and sometimes outrageous style.

His clients include Choice Hotels International, Geico Insurance, Kodak, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and John Wanamaker Dept. stores.

Tom is an active member of the National Speakers Association and is on the Board of Directors of the National Captial Speakers Association.

You don't have to be good at telling jokes to benefit from this seminar, which will be customized to the needs of your group! You will learn:

When and How Much humor to use. How to make mistakes funny. How to make sure your humor is appropriate.
How to create instant rapport with you audience. How to have a greater impact on your audience. How to deliver more interesting and memorable programs.
And, you will sell more of your ideas, products and services!

Listen to what attendees have said about this seminar:

"I've already used what I learned. It really enhanced my presentations and I got a fantastic response."
-Pat Baldridge, Profiles of Maryland

"Tom explains the information so the audience understands."
- Gwen Woodard, Bell Atlantic

"Tom opened up a new world for me...I feel more confident to include humor in every area of my personal and professional life.
- Sue Cummings, Director of Marketing, National Energy Management Institute

"Excellent, entertaining, enjoyable and informative."
- Cindy McConnell, National Association of Secondary School Principals

Virtually all effective presentations use from fire to eighty-five percent humor. Do you know when, where and how to use humor appropriately in your presentations?

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