Seminar: Hilarity Therapy

Hilarity Therapy is seminar presented by John Irvin. John and his wife Cindy are the co-creators and owners of Lifestyle Enhancement Services, a successful motivational and consulting business. John has been active in creating "playful opportunities" for professional growth and development for over twenty years. His experience in corporate training in combination with his background in experiential education and health promotion has shown him that "all work and no play makes Jack suicidal". In addition John offers three other programs: Juggling Life's Challenges, Team FUN'damentals and Creating Creativity.

Hilarity Therapy
Hilarity Therapy is designed to teach techniques for using humor to develop and maintain a positive attitude. John believes we learn best by doing! Experential activities are his key to presenting these skills. The end result: a unique program that is entertaining, educational and fun.

The participant will be introduced to specific techniques that will increae his/her ability to use humor in stressful situations, minimizing negative ineterpersonal interactions and strengthening positive relationships. The most successful people in your world are known for their sense of humor. In fact, having fun is more important today than ever before.

Great for Conference Openers
Wake-up calls after lunch!
to send them away feeling great!
Or for adding "jest plain fun" to your luncheon, dinner meeting or banquet!

Juggling Life's Challenges, Team FUN'damentals and Creating Creativity

Juggling Life's Challenges
Life is truly a juggling act and a willingness to drop the ball in order to master our work and our lives is essential. To be more successful in life, we must be ready to take risks, learn new skills and work effectively with others. It can be a delicate balance of our work and home lives. As a metaphor for this "juggling" of responsibilities, as well as issues of the learning process, goal setting and personal achievement, John will introduce the ageless art of juggling. Participants will learn focus, concentration and relaxation in this fun and lively workshop, and, yes they will leave..... jugglers!

Team FUN'damentals
Based on the outdoor adventure model of team building, this workshop immerses the participant in activities designed to enhance "esprit de corp". Action, fun and adventure cause personal barriers to come down as we see our associates in new and different roles and in unusual and amusing circumstances. Activities are designed to encourage communication, cooperation and collaboration in problem-solving activities. Each program is uniquely designed according to goals, the number of participants and time alloted.

Creating Creativity
Creativity is looking at something in a new or different way. It can be taught, developed and enhanced. This workshop brings to every participant skills that each one can begin using immediately to be more creative in everyday life! In this powerfully fun program experiential exercises and the activities used are designed to generate creative thinking, and to help the attendees to communicate in more expressive and imaginative ways.

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